A complete five-year lifespan as market leader in its section is an impressive and exceptionally unusual accomplishment for any kind of consumer sound item. The longevity of the initial DALI IKON series is proof favorable of DALI’s design skill and foresight. Not content to hinge on our laurels, the DALI style team seized the opportunity – and also the challenge – to do much more compared to simply upgrade the cosmetics of the audio speakers’ outside. In addition to a lot more modern styling, we have re-visited key technical elements of the collection taking into account recently
acquired knowledge, newly developed modern technologies and elements as well as five more years of collected experience.

The task of improving on exactly what had actually become far as well as away one of the most prominent variety in the history of the brand was not embarked on gently. Naturally, the conservation of IKON’s now fabulous clearness and also wealth of detail was a significant concern.

Thankfully, the evolution of DALI’s unique bass motorist innovations enabled us to elevate the changed IKON’s to a new degree of bass expansion as well as control, for a richer, warmer audio at no sacrifice in the resolution of fine detail as well as the subtlest nuances. Like the initial IKON’s, DALI IKON MK2 is created, created, developed, hand-assembled and separately evaluated (no robots, no production line) entirely inhouse at DALI’s integrated research and development and also making centers in Denmark for the very same rigorous quality control that made the original IKON such a lasting success.

The DALI IKON MK2 series …
Nothing added. Nothing subtracted.

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Unique Features of the Yamaha

DC Power Amplification with Changed Course An as well as Course B Procedure
The power amplifier area makes true DC performance (to zero Hz) available, showcasing ultra low distortion first stage Yamaha dual-FET differential amplification, parallel push-pull wiring and SEPP result, with selection of Course A abd Course B operation at comparable quantity levels.

Superb Phono Equalizer Amplifier
The equalizer uses specifically matched Yamaha reduced sound FETs in a differential amplifier initial stage as well as functions complementary SEPP output stage arrangement to offer an S/N of 96 dB as well as phono dynamic range as much as 310 mV and also RIAA variance within ± 0,2 dB

Ultra Low Sound MC Head-Amp IC
This offers S/N equivalent with that said acquired by traditional equalizer amplifiers for high outcome MM cartridges. Switching between MC and also MM cartridge gets on the front panel.

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